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Vehicle Wraps

Retro Graphics is your one stop shop for all things vehicle wrapping! From smart cars to semi’s we have experience with it all!


We provide both color change wraps and commercial vehicle wraps. All graphic design for commercial wraps is done in house by Jo, who has 5+ years experience considering body lines and vehicle contours while creating the designs. For personal color change wraps, we primarily carry 3M & Avery Dennison vinyls, with access to Inozotek, Hexis, TeckWrap and KPMF films as well. Choosing a color for your vehicle can be difficult, so we offer a no pressure color selection appointment so you can see the colors in person and compare what they look like inside vs. outside. 

We are very competitively priced in the Alberta market, and are willing to price match any other quote provided so long as the products and job descriptions match. We take pride in the quality of our work and feel that it is currently unmatched in the Edmonton market. Attention to detail on a vehicle wrap is of utmost importance, you don’t want any flaps overhanging or pieces left untrimmed and untidy on the insides of body panels. 

Our intake process leaves no stone unturned, we want to ensure that your expectations are met, and attainable. No unnecessary clarification calls to ask questions that were missed. 

While we admit that we are human and small errors may happen, communication is our top priority. The depth of the wrap is discussed prior to booking to ensure that you are satisfied with the coverage on the vehicle inside and out. 

*All vehicle wraps require a 50% deposit prior to any booking being confirmed and materials being ordered. 

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