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Graphic Design

Let us help you show off your style with custom graphic design tailored to your needs! 


Our flat rate graphic design model for business needs provides an easy way for business owners who are starting up a business to plan for certain things in their budget or for existing business owners to include in their annual budgets for additional marketing materials or rebrands. 


Don’t own a business? Not to worry! We still provide graphic design on custom projects that you want to add some extra flare to! 

Logo Design

Typically the discovery process for a brand new logo design is about half an hour to an hour. It really depends how much thought a client has put into their new idea. This discovery process isn’t just for brand new businesses only; We apply the same, if not more questions to those who already have a logo to find out what they like/dislike about what they have going on currently and where we can make the necessary tweaks to get them something they really love. 


For some, this process may seem overwhelming, but once we sit down with a cup of coffee or tea, we can usually hammer out the details pretty quickly and just from some general questions, we can get a pretty good idea of what they are looking for.


A good rule of thumb is that businesses should update their logos every 7-10 years. This provides a great opportunity for them to review most, if not all, of their marketing materials and make some additions or deletions where necessary.

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