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There are a multitude of options to be able to display your brand and get your message out there! 


From lawn signs to large signs to go above your door. Retro Graphics has you covered! We are able to design and produce any signage that you were looking for for your company. We have partners in the industry that can provide you with a backlit sign or LED sign for inside your shop or home or we can produce anything for you onto poster paper, photo paper, canva, banner material, vinyl and mount it if necessary to any substrate that you are looking for.


At retro graphics we strive to provide you with custom signage solutions based on any application. We specialize in production of signage that can be used everywhere and anywhere to promote your business.


Some of our more popular signage projects include hanging banners, roll up banners, a-frames or sandwich boards, posters, snap frames, hanging signs, lawn signs, election signs, wall murals, window graphics, floor graphics, and just general vinyl or signage installation.


We can help you choose the right signage for the project that you're looking for or any marketing initiative that you're trying to accomplish. We want to ensure that your messages get out clearly and that your appropriate audience is being targeted. A couple of things that go into this are great design and proper application based on the message that you're trying to get to your customers or the promotion that you're trying to promote.

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Lawn Signs

Lawn signs are a great way for companies to Target a specific area or neighborhood for a promotion that is going on in your business. You can also use lawn signs to get your name out there as a new business or as an existing business in a new target market or a neighborhood where you have already provided service.


Election signs fall into the same category because politicians are typically targeting a certain area. Think about when your local MP puts a blanket of signage around your area. The goal is for all of these signs to be consistent to elect them into whichever office they're running for. These are typically all of the same color, all have the same message, and are done in large quantities to ensure that they stay top of mind when you go in to place your vote.

Standers advertising Russian cuisine

A-Frames / Sandwich Boards

A-frames also known as sandwich boards, are a great option to put outside of your business location on the front lawn or in the parking lot to advertise a specific promotion that you have going on within your business or you can use them as a directional sign to get people in your door. 


A frames or sandwich boards also come in a variety of sizes and have plastic or metal options depending on the finish that you're looking for. The team at retrographics can help you decide which option is best suited for your application and also for the person who is moving the sign around. The plastic options are a lot lighter than the metal options, but on both, the coroplast inserts are easily interchangeable and not overly expensive to replace.


Wall Murals

Wall murals can be used in a multitude of different applications from in-home wall. Murals of family photos or designs placed on a wall to being used in a mall for a new location that's coming soon or a location under renovation. There are lots of different ways that a wall mural application can be used. Lots of different vinyls can be used depending on the substrate that the vinyl is being applied to. The team at retrographics can apply graphics to brick walls for larger wall murals, on concrete that people can walk all over, drywall again in homes or in commercial applications, and more!


Depending on what you're trying to achieve with your wall mural, the team at retrographics can help you choose the best application and the best design. Based on the location that it's going into. Our team will come and do a site inspection prior to the installation of the vinyl to make sure that the correct vinyl is being used. Because there are so many different varieties of vinyl that can be used for different applications. We want to ensure that the proper violence being used to achieve the duration that the wall mural is going up for and also to ensure the best possible looking graphics.



There are lots of applications for banners from a scrim banner with grommets to be able to hang it for an event that you're hosting or to put behind the birthday girl or boy at a birthday party. There are also mesh banner options to be able to hang on fences that allow the air to pass through it without tearing the material. These mesh banners are typically used by construction companies to advertise their own company name or the project that they're developing at that site.


Our other options include pull-up banners that can be used for trade shows or golf tournaments or even events or promotions that you have going on within your business. These are a great tool to be able to provide a lot of information that can also be taken from or put onto a postcard or brochure to get a larger message out to your target audience. Pull up banners come in a variety of sizes, so chat with our team to find out which size would be best for you, we have tabletop options to floor options that extend, on average, to 80 in tall.


Window Graphics

Window graphics are a great way to advertise at your location. A lot of business owners use this option rather than putting a portable sign out on the lawn because landlords are more open to this option. There are different options for the type of vinyl used on your windows, the most popular is window perf. Window perf comes in two different options, one with 70% vinyl and 30% holes and the other option with 60% vinyl and 40% holes. Both options provide clarity to be able to see outside without being able to see inside the business. The choice of which window perf that will be used depends on how much light you're wanting to let in from your front windows into your front office.


The other option for window graphics is just cut decals. If you're on a tight budget or would just like to have your logo put onto your windows, this is also an option and doesn't require full coverage on the windows. This allows for light to be coming in naturally on all of your windows rather than the majority of natural light being blocked by vinyl.


Chat with our team to find out which is the best option for you and fits best within your budget.



There are lots of different signage options depending on what you're looking to have done so book a call or consultation with our team to determine what the best signage use is for what you're trying to achieve.


Our team can best determine for interior or exterior applications. Which sign frame should be used or if a frame is necessary, if we need to apply vinyl to a substrate prior to installing or if the vinyl can go directly onto the current substrate at the location. 


Our team is here to help, so let us know what you're thinking for your next project and we can help you bring your dream into a reality!

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